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Menzies HealthLAB to visit Bowali Visitor Centre

30 June 2017

The mobile HealthLAB at Bitter Springs during National Science Week last year. Photo credit: Menzies School of Health Research.

The Menzies HealthLAB will be at the Bowali Visitor Centre on Wednesday, August 16 as part of National Science Week 2017.
The session is open to the public and will run from 1pm to 4pm.
Menzies’ mobile HealthLAB uses the latest health technology to measure participants’ health and inform them about the impacts of smoking, alcohol misuse and diet, which can increase the risk of major chronic diseases such as diabetes, cancer, kidney disease, obesity and cardiovascular disease.
With the assistance of a team of health professionals and scientists, HealthLAB challenges participants to become experts in their own health and demonstrates how lifestyle choices can impact their future health.
All stations are facilitated by trained staff, including dieticians, doctors, nurses, scientists and trained students, who give participants the opportunity of an individual experience.
The stations include:
Blood pressure- discuss healthy lifestyle choices related to exercise and diet
Haemoglobin levels – discuss healthy diet and its importance to health
Grip strength – an activity which measures upper body strength
Bio Impedance machine – which measures fat/muscle/bone ratios and explores healthy weight ranges. This station is run by HealthLAB’s dietician and participants can ask questions and explore ways to make positive choices for a healthier diet
Sugar display- which shows the amount of sugar in common drinks
Smokerlyser – which measures smoke exposure to individuals including smokers
Ultra sound machine – an opportunity for participants to see the inner workings of their bodies looking at organs and blood flow.